About arhous.


Our mission is simple:

Our roots are traced back to our early days of finding hidden gems that others overlook and unlocking the most potential out of them.

We quickly realized that our ability to envision the transformation of an ordinary property could lead to remarkable success.

With each successful renovation and sale, we began to realize the need for a more comprehensive one-stop solution to achieve the same results but with a lot less stress and less running around.

 A solution where all aspects of buying, renovating, managing and selling are in one place. We now proudly call this solution, ARHOUS.

With our in-house renovation and property management team, we've created a comprehensive one-stop solution for our clients.

We take pride in our track record of transforming neglected properties into sought-after ones, providing our clients with substantial equity, financial gains, and the satisfaction of a dream home.

With Arhous by your side, you can trust that your real estate ventures will be guided by a vision that leads to outstanding results.

what to ask ARAM

I think you get the point. Aram is the go-to guy for all of your real estate questions. He knows the Niagara market inside out- like in that weird sort of *do you have a life outside of real estate* way. All jokes aside, his passion for real estate does not go unnoticed.

Aram left his accounting careers to pursue his passion in Real Estate. He didn’t leave his analytical-accounty brain back in the corporate world though, it’s being put to work everyday when guiding clients through investment properties.

Seeing our clients achieve and live the lifestyle they desire and work towards is what motivated Aram the most. There are so many creative ways to get ahead and achieve your lifestyle goals through the right real estate moves.

What to ask RENÉE

Renee has been able to combine both her passion in design and psychology into the world of Real Estate. She specializes in leveraging the power of online marketing – instead of relying on old-fashioned and outdated techniques. Renee’s knowledge in buyer psychology, the emotions and external factors that need to be triggered in someone’s mind to get someone to say YES to a house was a game changer in their business.

While Aram is out showing properties and putting his amazing negotiation skills to work, you’ll find Renee on the backend, completing all the detailed paperwork to make sure your deal is as smooth as butter. Renee makes sure all the loose ends are tied so that there are no hiccups. The result -> a stress-free experience for our clients.

Renee Ghewondian, Realtor