Can’t find a house that checks all the boxes? Do this instead.

For the majority of people purchasing their first or second home, it’s difficult to find one that checks all the boxes.

This was a struggle we personally dealt with as well when buying our very first home. We wanted it to be up to date but also in a specific neighborhood that we loved… this simply did not exist in our price range at the time.

This is why we love the option of going the fixer upper route/purchasing a home that is dated because it allows you to get everything you want specifically to your taste.

The best part? When going this route, if you do things properly, you will usually end up with an awesome amount of equity in the end!

We not only help people in these shoes find the perfect property but also help them coordinate, manage and even design the project!

Sound like the route you want to go ? Send us a message to get help from those who have been there and done that not once, not twice many times.

Aram and Renee Niagara Ontario Realtors

we are ARHOUS.

Aram and RENÉE Ghewondian

With our in-house renovation and property management team, we’ve created a comprehensive one-stop solution for our clients.

We take pride in our track record of transforming neglected properties into sought-after ones, providing our clients with substantial equity, financial gains, and the satisfaction of a dream home.

Our mission is simple:

Our roots are traced back to our early days of finding hidden gems that others overlook and unlocking the most potential out of them.

We quickly realized that our ability to envision the transformation of an ordinary property could lead to remarkable success.

With each successful renovation and sale, we began to realize the need for a more comprehensive one-stop solution to achieve the same results but with a lot less stress and less running around.

 A solution where all aspects of buying, renovating, managing and selling are in one place. We now proudly call this solution, ARHOUS.